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My Mind & Soul

I understand you watched it with other people… but it was supposed to be OUR movie. Thats why I was so upset. Now it can’t be our movie. Its my movie and your movie.

#tbt to that day(: Come visit one day 😢
A bedroom.
A lamp with a broken
A television whispering.
My mouth on his mouth.
My hands behind me.
My not-sharp not-dull body
trying to keep itself clean and
untouched like a sculpture.

Somewhere outside, a
car parks on a side street and
waits while I wipe my lipstick
on his chin, then leave
before he licks it off.

A tragedy. Always a tragedy,
where the poison rests in my
mouth and I make him swallow it.
Where everyone is hungry but I
do not let them eat.

Finish the story. Twist me into
the villain. Make an example
of the woman who takes what she
Make sure no one ever does that

A hand. Another hand.
A sea of hands, all open.
Tell me how I’m supposed
to fill them
if mine are empty, too.
Be the one who nurtures and builds. Be the one who has an understanding and forgiving heart. Be the one who looks for the best in people. Leave people better than you found them.

Phantom Regiment 1991

Lowkey just want best musician.. lol



You’re going to be sad.
You’re going to want to scream and punch things.
Do it.
Let out every ounce of anger you have.
Sit on the floor and cry until you feel numb.
Listen to songs that make your heart sink to your feet.
Write angry letters to all the people who have broken you, left you, ignored you or hurt you.
Throw your hairbrush at the wall.
Do it twelve times.
Do it until you feel like you can breathe again.

You’re going to be sad.
You’re going to want to hurt yourself.
Don’t you dare do it.
Sit on the floor and watch cartoons like you did when you were little.
Listen to songs that make you want to dance around your bedroom in your underwear at 3 A.M.
Make paper airplanes out of those angry letters and watch them soar into the fireplace.
Brush all the knots out of your hair and say “I am worth it” into the mirror.
Say it twelve times.
Say it until you feel like you can breathe again.

You’re going to be sad.
You’re going to get through it.

I told you I needed you today. Where the fuck are you?

Its been a year, Nay. We miss and love you! ♡ We had a mass, a prayer with you, and went to your favorite place Redondo Beach (:
Top pic creds : @dinnic_tinky 
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